Last Friday, part of the Mautic Community members has been meeting for its first Community Summit at ContributionDay in Amsterdam, an event initially created for DrupalCon but recently related to Mautic, due to the acquisition of Mautic by Acquia. This event was the opportunity for the attendees to work on the new community governance model and Mautic 3.

About Mautic 3

The main objective of that event was there, spending some time together to define how we can reach the migration from Symfony 2 to Symfony 3 as far as support on Symfony 2 is abandoned soon.

After defining the way of work, engineers have been starting coding! Most of the Acquia’s team was there (Alan, Jan, Donald, Lukas, DBH and Anton) as the Webmecanik‘s team, main third contributor of the Mautic open source project (David & Fabrice). I’ve also spend a couple of hour testing their hard work to insure that the process of version migration does not impact the users.
After 2 days of work, not far from half of the work has been achieved, a good trend to attempt the objective of an efficient update in end of November.

We also had time to discuss and plan 3 major topics concerning the future of Mautic I wanted to be addressed during that event:

  • A new world class email builder: one of the major enhancement requested by Mautic users and community members, a new amazing email builder is in the pipe. And it’ll come fast, it has been agreed that if could be introduced in the Mautic 3.x series (for a minor version) without introducing any breaking change.
  • Headless: this is a concept DB has introduced as objective for Mautic 3 some time ago. We also believe that it could be addressed (which implies a totally new interface using only API) in a minor version without any breaking change. From a user perspective? Not that much impact, but for more technical needs, that will enhance the quality of the API and allows a better technical integration of Mautic to any third technical ecosystem.
  • Contact custom fields scalability: this last point is more like an issue. The way Mautic 1 has been structured does not allow easily to handle a big amount of contact custom fields (you can manage it anyway as we do for our customers but it needs several technical skills). That topic has been postponed to the Mautic 4.x series. In fact, even if we can avoid any breaking change, the migration will be heavy and takes a lot of time, something we cannot impose to Mautic administrators in a minor version.

About community governance

I will make it short, more communication will be addressing this topic on a blogpost soon.

We have defined the different Mautic community teams and the way they will be elected.

  • Product team will take care of security, releases, coding, feature definition and roadmap design.
  • Marketing team will take care of website, social media and newsletters.
  • Community team will take care of introducing new members to the different way they can contribute and try to reach more and more people.
  • Education team will take care of forums, FAQs and documentation.
  • Legal and finance team. Its name does the definition and it will be managed by Acquia.

Now, all the teams have to be fulfilled by members in the coming weeks and leaders have to be nominated to start the huge amount of work waiting for us!

As always, if you need any extra information about Mautic community or Webmecanik, feel free to reach me!

ContributionDay in Amsterdam, writing the future or Mautic community

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